EPG is an acronym for English Pastoral Group. Here at Don Bosco, we have two groups: the Chinese group and the English group. In the English group, we have coordinators who guide members on how to help with the liturgy.


Each church forms a community that can help the faithful serve God and others. It encourages people to participate and be active in all the activities that the church plans. The community is also crucial for good social interaction. In a community, it is easy to be oneself and understand everyone else, especially if you already have a sisterly or brotherly relationship with each other, because, in a community, people share common goals, passions, purposes, values, and identities


In addition, the church community is also a platform where you can put your God-given gifts and abilities to good use. While you are part of a community, you can learn many things, and you will learn to be mindful and thoughtful with your words and actions; in short, you will learn compassion. You will also learn to be considerate of others' feelings and above all, you will always make sure that you live your life according to your principles and purpose.


There are times when people are in need, lonely, broken, and have lost their way. The church community is a platform where people can receive spiritual support, guidance, and a sense of belonging. A community provides people with a supportive group that helps them overcome complex challenges, solve problems together, and celebrate life's beautiful moments.


Ultimately, a community is an essential cornerstone for a meaningful life.


Come and be part of it!

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